Work-Life Balance in Paradise

Work-Life Balance in Paradise

While working in paradise I discovered my ideal work-life balance. The early sun-set and the opportunity to watch this wonder of nature were a big motivation to really cut down working hours and call it a day by 4 pm at the latest. I found my effective 6 hours of work super productive and I still had a lot of time for self-care and socializing.


Morning Routine

My daily routine was very comfortable: I got up between 5:30 and 6:30 when it was still a bit cooler. My bungalow was close to the beach, so I walked over to a little patch of trees on the beach for my daily morning routine. Ever since I don’t go to the office every morning anymore I established this ritual which consists of some meditation, journaling and work-out (cardio, stretching and muscle training). I always adapt it a bit according to the places I am at. On Koh Lanta it included 30 minutes barefoot run in the water line to the end of the beach and back. The beautiful end: a short and refreshing swim in the Andaman sea, a paradise ocean.



About 8 am was time for my favourite part of the day: breakfast. I prepared some fruit, oatmeal and yogurt, packed my bag and took a 10-minutes walk along the beach to KoHub. On the beautiful deck, I poured a coffee, which is free for KoHub members and sat down on one of the bamboo chairs to enjoy my breakfast and have a little chat with other early KoHubbers.


Work – Short but Sweet

Around 9 am I started my work. When it got too hot to be outside, usually around 11 am, I went into one of the air-conditioned offices. Lunch time was always a great time for meeting interesting people and exchanging ideas and knowledge as well as personal stories. I felt that working among other people who also work made me more productive, even though we were all working on our own projects. So even during working hours I had a good work-life balance.


Massage & Sun Bath

Around 4 pm I made sure to come to an end with my work so I could enjoy a massage at the beach on my way home and still make it on time to the sunset. One hour cost around 8 Euros and it was always very relaxing to hear the ocean while getting a nice massage. Then I took a short evening sunbath and cooled down in the ocean afterwards.


Fiery Sunsets

The day usually ended at Pangea, the beach bar near my bungalow, where I usually found a group of KoHubbers every evening. It is an amazing place to watch the sunset with a fresh Coconut or Mango shake. The sun set it different every evening: sometimes the whole sky seems on fire, that’s what I found most beautiful. There is a lot of life in life with the right work-life balance.

Often we went out for dinner after sunset or just stayed at Pangea. Some evenings ended in Karaoke, beach walks or Pub Quizzes.

That’s my ideal paradisiacal work-life balance. I wouldn’t mind to continue like that.


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