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Silke Bettina Oppermann
Silke Bettina Oppermann, Author of www.studentoftheworld.de

My name is Silke Bettina Oppermann. I am the author of www.studentoftheworld.de.:

Born in Cologne, work and life have lead me around the globe:

During my studies in Mainz and Geneva I focused on migration, human rights and international politics.

As a United Nations accredited journalist I reported from Geneva for Deutsche Welle as well as for other ARD Radio outlets from China, USA, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Germany.

In previous communications positions I built up a press department, relaunched a website, managed corporate publications and international brand PR as well as brand marketing.

Besides saving the planet I am interested in literature, story telling, and mountain hiking.

I terminated my work contract with a global player in Munich to pack my backpack and explore the unknown.

Since the summer of 2016 my destinations included Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, France, Portugal, Spain and Germany. While travelling through intentional communities, ecovillages and other sustainability projects my focus is on Today’s Solutions for Tomorrow’s World.

On this blog, I share my findings and invite you to read, share and comment.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you about your ideas for a future world. Maybe you know about projects that match these topics? Please point them out to me. Feel free to invite me if you run such a project and to subscribe to the Student of the World Newsletter.


Silke Bettina Oppermann



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