Otepic crew planting trees


Name: OTEPIC. This stands for “Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Center”

Location: Kitale area, North-western Kenya

Founded: 2008

Size: Three gardens: Mitume (441 sqm), Armani garden (0.5 acre), Sabwani (10 ha)


  • Grow abundance in mixed cultures – without any chemicals
  • Recycle your organic waste and make compost
  • Learn to treat water as a living being
  • Be friendly to animals
  • Make income from the surplus
  • Save your seeds
  • Cook with solar energy or bio-gas
  • Share with your neighbors
  • And join the global food revolution.

Projects: Three gardens with organic food. Bio-gas in one garden, drilled two bore holes for fresh drinking water, pumps work with solar panels, built three houses for women to give birth safely, making bricks manually from own soil, orphanage with currently 16 children

Future plans: Build a seminar center for ecological farming and permaculture, establish a competence center for women giving birth safely,  Planting more trees in Sabwani garden, Growing coffee, avocados, producing sunflower seed oil, establish a community to live in the gardens by 2017.

Team:  11 staff, 10-40 volunteers, 3 staff living on project premise,

New members: Once the community is founded, we will acquire new members (aiming at 2017).

Volunteering: Possible. Housing, food and travel expenses have to be covered by the volunteer. Free lunch on working days in the project.

Legal entity: Registered as community based organization. Currently in the process of upgrading to NGO.

Funding: Donations from friends and supporters in Kenya, Europe, and North-America.

Tobacco and alcohol: Smoking tolerated if used consciously. Alcohol not permitted. Drugs, including weed, are completely forbidden.

Website: www.otepic.org

Contact person: Philip Munyasia, otepic07@yahoo.com, Tel: +254725429179

As of November 2016


Philip Munyasia explains the corner stones of Otepic



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Planting Trees. Planting Life.


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Otepic kids sing beautiful song


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