Lake in Niekliltz

“Wir bauen Zukunft”

Name: Wir bauen Zukunft (temporary name)

Founded: September 2015

Size: 10 hectares

Purpose: To establish a centre / project place for sustainable living, learning and building. To combine the wisdom of nature with the development of avant-guard technology.

Create an eco-friendly project place for experimenting with sustainable buildings, demand-oriented innovations, social entrepreneurship and permaculture. Host educational programs for children, youth, and adults.

Team: 25 adults and 5 children

New members: People who want to help create a sustainable and eco-friendly project place.

Volunteering: Very possible!

Legal entity: Cooperative in the course of formation (Genossenschaft in Gründung)

Funding: Private capital and loans, applications for funds has started

Tobacco and alcohol: permitted designated areas when used responsibly and with care to the surroundings.

(as of September 2016)

Video Interview with Cey and impressions of the place of Wir bauen Zukunft

Video interview with Ceylan, co-founder of “Wir bauen Zukunft” in Nieklitz


Summer Work Camp 2016 in Wir bauen Zukunft

Working with joy: summer work camp in Nieklitz


One Day in the Summer Work Camp 2016 in Wir bauen Zukunft

One Day in the Nieklitz Summer Camp


100 hours Permaculture Design Course in Wir bauen Zukunft

Permaculture Design Course in „Zukunft“



Visit “Wir bauen Zukunft” online (in German)

Wir Bauen Zukunft