Good News Hambi

The Good News from Hambach Forest

On Sunday September 30th again thousands of protesters and supporters joined the forest walk. Again thousands broke away from the official demonstration route and went into the forest. Many re-errected barricades and dug ditches to make it more difficult for the  machines to evict the remaining tree houses Paragraph11 and GhostTown. Possibly more tree houses […]

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Sunday Walks in Hambacher Forest

Last sunday, Hambacher Forst was a different place. It was sunny and the activists in the tree houses were extremely happy to see hundreds of citizens who had entered the forest despite the police prohibiting it. People re-erected blockades, carried whole trees onto the streets. Since Wednesday the forest is a different place. The fatal […]

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Hacking Live Bullshit Interviews @ Hambi

In a live interview a reporter from Welt24 spoke about riot tourism and said that environmental organizations had called for massive civil disobedience for the weekend. Both is bullshit!! Since I happened to be in the forest, I used the opportunity to jump into the live interview, grab the microphone and correct him on the […]

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