Reasons for Co-Working Space

Why Join a Co-Working Space?

I went to Thailand to explore the scene of Digital Nomads – people who travel and work at the same time over the internet. But why pay for a co-working space if you get free wifi in your hotel room or any coffee shop? That’s what I asked Stephanie, Jenny, Alex, Keji, Matt, Laurent and Lysbert when I met them in the KoHub on Koh Lanta.


People I met in the KoHub work in very different fields: I met some coders and website builders, some social media and marketing professionals, a virtual assistant, some designers a few e-book writers, and even two novel authors. Almost all were in their mid-twenties to mid-fourties and most worked in professions which I think require university degrees.

Travel Partners

Some have been travelling for years, others just started recently or even came to KoHub for their very first co-working experience. Most travelled alone, others with their partner or spouse. A few KoHubbers came with their colleagues or manager. Some travelled with their family and went to work while their partner played with the kids on the beach.

KoHubbers from around the (Western) World

In KoHub, people came from different countries, however, almost all of them from North America, Europe or Australia/New Zealand. The languages I heard most were English, German, French and Czech. The only Thai people there were the employees at the reception, kitchen and the janitors. Co-Working membership is not exactly cheap, especially on a local income.

Soon I will post more about my experiences of working in a co-working space on a tropical island in paradise.


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These are the KoHubbes you meet in the video. They share their reasons for joining a co-working space:

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