One Day in the Nieklitz Summer Camp

One Day in the Nieklitz Summer Camp

In August, the project “Wir bauen Zukunft” in Northern German Nieklitz invited for a summer work camp. For two weeks, volunteers helped in the 10 hectares biotope, planting, tidying, constructing, repairing…

The camp was organized in an open space format. In the morning, after a hearty breakfast in the outdoor kitchen and dining area, the group gathered for a check-in. That was the time to address personal matters in the plenary as well as group building. On the working side, everybody could suggest a task they wanted to work on. The others were free to join in any task they liked. So everybody worked on things they enjoyed doing.

Every evening ended with a group gathering at the campfire. In a big circle we shared experiences of the day, sung songs, read out self-written poems or poetry, played games and much more.

Now I finally put together this video of “One Day in the Camp”.


Making of

Since I am a beginner with videos, it took me a long time to put together all these small sequences. Also, I used the sound from the camera instead of taking the better sound from my sound recorder because putting together all the small sound pieces would have taken another month. For the same reason, there are no translations into English in this video and are not planned for the future. So the video is not as good as I would like it to be but I hope you still enjoy getting some impressions of this awesome project. I learned a lot about videography with this project and when I come back to Nieklitz I will make a more professional video :).

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