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KoHub is a Co-Working Space on the chilled island of Koh Lanta in Thailand. It is located on Long Beach, just 3 minutes from the tropical water line.  I loved to sit on the bamboo chairs of the deck because I enjoyed the beautiful view into a garden with a giant Buddha statue made from stone. In the garden there are also hammocks and two little bamboo conference huts.

Now comes the serious stuff: There are three air-conditioned inside working rooms in KoHub. One of them is a silent working room. One room contains a sound-cushioned telephone area. The third and largest room is a bright gallery.

Let’s get back to the fun part: There is a professional kitchen. The KoHub kitchen crew prepares traditional Thai food and delicious drinks. You can order it during the day. They bring it either to your table or to the outside communal dining area. A community kitchen is available for you to prepare free coffee or buy a water or beer from the trust fridge.

Let me give you a little tour of the co-working space KoHub.

I filmed the video in March 2017. KoHub is currently (summer 2017) in the process of changing the location.


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