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Student of the World portraits alternative concepts of living and working. Many mainstream ideas of society often put the needs of the markets and the capital at the core of our thinking. I am convinced that by doing so we miss out on the needs of both human beings and nature. However, we are at turning point in history: More and more people are experimenting with alternative concepts.

After a career in journalism, PR and marketing I am now travelling the world to learn. Like a university student, I explore and study the world. In real life I intend to find much more than mere words in any library text book could ever convey. Click here to get to know more about me.

Exploring Today’s Solutions for Tomorrow’s World

My focus is on projects that foster the idea of sharing and creating community while keeping in mind the impact on ecology. I write about forward-looking ideas, decision-making tools, technologies, business models, alternative economic concepts, eco-systems, food-production and more. My aim is to spread the word about solutions for tomorrow’s world that are already in place today.

Towards a Healthy World without Scarcity

I wish to contribute to a future in which humans and nature co-exist peacefully and in unison. In my vision of the future world there is always enough for all living beings: enough water, enough food, enough clean air, enough time, enough love and anything else we need.

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On this blog, I share my findings and invite you to read, share and comment.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you about your ideas for a future world. Maybe you know about projects that match these topics? Please point them out to me. Feel free to invite me if you run such a project and to subscribe to the Student of the World Newsletter.

Silke Bettina Oppermann

silke.oppermann [at] studentoftheworld.de

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