Free Tutorial: Using a Compost Toilet

Always wondered how to use a compost toilet? Here is your tutorial. Completely free of charge!

When you use a compost toilet, you have to train your muscles a little bit because #1 and #2 go separately. First you use a little container to pee into. Then you collect the pee in a larger bucket.

Once that task is completed you can either leave and enjoy your day. Or you go for the next level, which is #2. A convenient compost toilet has a bucket let into a perfectly-sized hole in the floor. So you can squat easily and comfortably above it. Do your business. Use toilet paper. Finish off with a layer of sawdust to cover everything. That also binds the odors. Almost no smell escapes even if the bucket is nearly full.

In Sadhana Forest they use this human waste for compost. I personally would not do that, particularly not to fertilize fruit or vegetable: Any medicine that people take would eventually end up in your food. I think some eco-villages use a kind of plant-based cleaning system that takes several months and is ok to use for human waste. I will report more on that topic when I visit other projects.

Enjoy the free video tutorial:


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  1. Before the flush toilet became accepted in the late h century in developed countries, some inventors, scientists and public health officials supported the use of “dry earth closets”, a type of dry toilet with similarities to composting toilets, but the collection vessel for the human excreta was not designed to compost. Dry earth closets were invented by English clergyman Henry Moule, who dedicated his life to improving public sanitation after witnessing the cholera epidemics of 1849 and 1854. Impressed by the insalubrity of the houses, especially during the Great Stink in the summer of 1858, he invented what he called the ‘dry earth system’.

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