Hacking Live Bullshit Interviews @ Hambi

In a live interview a reporter from Welt24 spoke about riot tourism and said that environmental organizations had called for massive civil disobedience for the weekend. Both is bullshit!! Since I happened to be in the forest, I used the opportunity to jump into the live interview, grab the microphone and correct him on the spot! That saved me time for writing a letter to the editor. He later complained that this was not a good idea since it made him look stupid. But how could he look intelligent while passing bullshit information to the public? This started a new form of activism: Live coverage correction!

Stop bullshiting, start reporting

I haven’t found the interview online yet but if you do, please share. It was aired on September 13 some time between 10 and 12.

Some of the media behaved in a strange way. One reporter told his colleagues that he had just switchedhis energy provider from RWE energy to innogy and the others explained to him that innogy was a subsidiary of RWE. I saw some litter in the area that reporters mainly used: Paperbags, plastic wrapping. Some journalists apparently forgot they were in a forest! The activists were shocked: “What? Even the police bring their own garbage bags by now, why can’t journalists?!”

Logging Before the Logging Season

One month before energy giant RWE can lawfully log Hambacher Forst masses of old trees fall and tree houses are being evicted! I live in a country where government places the profit of a private energy company and an obsolete technology over climate protection and the needs of future generations!

Tree houses without Fire Escape Stairs

Under extremely flimsy reasons the government started to cut masses of trees one month before the official logging time begins: the tree houses would not comply with fire safety regulations! Can any reason be more obviously be a pretext? In early September government declared the tree houses officially as “buildings” after it had officially stated tree houses were no buildings in 2014. The message spread on Wednesday night while I was in the forest: evictions would start the next morning. That’s why I decided to stay overnight. The next day police didn’t let people without press accreditation come into the forest anymore.

I will upload my material successively on my Youtube and Twitter Channel as well as on my photo gallery. I will also continue to report

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