Price for carbon emissions

Lobbying for Planet Earth at Bundestag

Power to the people! In Germany you can talk to your representatives in the Bundestag. Even as a normal citizen. With the volunteers from the citizens’ climate lobby we do exactly that: We lobby for the needs of the one whose lobby is far too small: Gaia – our planet earth.


The Lobby Goal

We want a price for CO2 emissions combined with a refund system that rewards ecofriendly behaviour for companies and citizens alike. Right now we deposit our CO2 garbage in the atmosphere for free!

This price would increase over the years. It will accelerate the development and use of eco-friendly technologies and a carbon reduced lifestyle. The current Emissions Trading System (ETS) is not far-reaching enough. Switzerland sets a good example: One ton of CO2 emissions costs some 90 Euros. Citizens receive a reimbursement once a year.

I really enjoyed our lobbying tour in Berlin. It makes me happy to find people in CCL who are not only concerned about climate change but flex their citizens’ muscles and do something! System change not climate change! Politicians will only react when citizens get up and make themselves heard.

Two questions almost all of the representatives I talked to were:

“How many people do you have behind you?”

“How do you mobilize people?”

Why do they ask that? Think about it!


Climate Action Across Parties

There are representatives from all parties who see the possibilities to combat climate change – even if one might not expect in regards to the party they stand for. That really surprised me in a positive way. There are also those who do not really believe in climate change. To find clilmate change deniers you don’t have to travel across the Atlantic ocean. Everybody is pointing fingers at Trum. But we have some representatives with a similar attitude in our own parliament and administration as well! We need to talk about that.

Citizens’ Climate Lobby

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) talks to members of all parties to bring those together who are open for viable tools against climate change.

CCL has 480 active chapters on all continents except Antarctica. It originated in the United States where is has over 60.000 active members at the moment. Members increased drastically with the rise of the Trump administration. There is hope for the future! That hope lies in the citizens!

The German chapter is Bürgerlobby Klimaschutz



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