Planting Trees. Planting Life.

Planting Trees. Planting Life.

Trees are life. Trees make life possible. I experience a huge difference between two of the Otepic gardens. Armani garden is very shade thanks to some tall trees, including banana palm trees. Sabwani, on the other hand, is quite hot. Only some of the huts provide some shade. Working on the field under the equatorial sun can be very hot and becomes unpleasant after a while. Not all plants need that much sun and heat.

Last week we planted a lot of trees on the land. In the coming years, they will provide shade, fruits, and beauty. Among the trees are Avocados and trees that have beautiful red flowers.

The tree planting action was very fast. One afternoon, the guys got a truck to bring the trees from the tree nursery in town to Sabwani. Everybody, including the kids, who are currently on holidays, helped to disembark the trees. The next afternoon around 3 pm (after lunch) we started pecking holes with picks and inserting the trees. That night there was rain, which was really great for the trees.

Now we need to water the trees regularly with water from the boreholes in Sabwani garden. The crew will also build a fence soon so cows and donkeys don’t eat the little trees.

I’m really looking forward to coming back and seeing Sabwani garden with beautiful trees and some ripe Avocado :).

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